The Candidates

If Illinois conservatives unite behind one candidate in the primary election, we will win.

If we split and fragment our vote across the entire field,  the establishment Republican will win.

On March 15th 2016, Illinois conservative voters will go to the polls and choose from an unprecedented field of highly qualified conservative candidates. Unfortunately for the conservative movement,  Illinois’s establishment Republicans are counting on this large field in order to split the conservative vote.

Illinois Conservative groups and organization are participating in a unique program where conservatives from across Illinois can see what other Illinois conservatives are thinking and talking about regarding their choices about the candidates and possibly unifying around one of the candidates. This creates a statewide discussion of conservatives, by conservative, for conservatives.

The key to generating a statewide discussion is participation by the hundreds of Illinois’s Conservative, 912, Liberty, and Tea Party groups and organizations. Your members will tell the rest of Illinois what they think.

We do not ask organizations or their members to commit to any candidate, we know this doesn’t work. We only ask you to tell the rest of Illinois what you think about the candidates (the survey) and to discuss this with fellow conservatives.

Illinois Republican delegates will be assigned as “Winner take All” –  Whoever wins the statewide Primary race on March 15th, takes all of Illinois’s RNC delegates to the Convention in Cleveland Ohio.

If Illinois conservatives wish to elect a conservative Presidential candidate in the March primary, we need to consider uniting around one specific candidate.

Want to know how we plan to do this?  CLICK HERE and go to the SIGNUP page to read how Illinois Conservatives will unite around the candidate they select.